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Here are comments from some of our customers. These are real people, not fake testimonials.  

PS: I want to hear from you! I will post any and all feedback and stories from all my customers. Few folks take the time to do this but it is helpful to everyone.


Just saying thanks to all at bens the fridg showed up in great shape and its now installed and up and" running" doing good thanks again and have a good new year. 
 Paul M. Martville, New York 

Hey Ira and Lisa,
Sunday, Dec 20, It was the week before CHRISTmas and all through Twin Oaks it was a bleak and foggy day, BUT I was happy because I had food in my new E-Z Freeze Refrigerator and Ice Cubes in my Freezer.    Smile
Thanks you guys, and Merry CHRISTmas !
        The Magwoods

We are just delighted with the fridge.  Everything went well from picking it up in Surrey, transporting it to the lake, bringing it in by boat, hauling it up the hill to our home and installing it.  Thanks again!  Diane T. Surrey, BC 

I LOVE MY FREEZER!!!!!!!!! It's working great and I will recommend to others. Neighbor wants one already:) Thanks, pleased customer 
Patagonia, AZ 

Hi folks,
I purchased a 19 cubic foot crystal cold fridge from you several months back.
I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with this unit. My wife and I have been using a 7 cf  propane RV fridge for many years, and sadly it became apparent that its life was coming to an end.
The upgrade to this fridge is almost like having a walk in, in comparison.
The temps in the house got over 100° this summer, and the fridge dealt with it just fine.
As a precaution, I mounted a computer fan on the back to circulate extra air across the cooling fins.
I love my new fridge, and now can store a months or better amount of food.
Thank you for a great product.
Joe H.  Wikieup, AZ  

Hi Ira,  
Fridge arrived just as you said and is now installed and working well.  Thanks so much for your efforts and quick work!!  It is so nice when service is as wonderful as yours!!  Have a nice fall!  
Best wishes,   Karen M. Wilton, CT  

Hi Lisa,
The stove was delivered today and my husband says the driver was very professional. Thank you so much for an easy, awesomely priced, on time delivery. I will send any friends to your website.
Pam W. 
Mountain Grove, MO

Ira and Lisa,
Thanks for a very informative, pleasant and enjoyable experience-when your fridge out in the wild breaks down, that's stressful to deal with; 
you and Lisa made it a good thing to experience.
Warm regards and thanks to you all.
Cliff J. 

Lisa-are you for real? I thought great customer service had gone the way of the dodo bird---completely extinct. You have restored my faith in old fashioned customer service. Please please please send your CEO a copy of this and mark me down as an amazed and exceptionally happy customer. I appreciate you going the extra mile to make my life easy. I live in the rain forest in Belize about 4 miles from the nearest power pole and 2 miles from my nearest neighbor. My refrigerator-which I ordered from you guys about 5 years ago-is on its last legs. We have such high heat and humidity here that fridges just do not last but 5-10 years. I will be back in 5-10 years when the one I just ordered gives up the ghost!
Thanks again!!!!

To all at Bens Discount Supply; I am very happy I went with your company. Lisa your help with ordering process was key, information and product knowledge was very helpful. Also I would like to thank "Ira" he was also very helpful when I called with questions and Lisa was on vacation he took the time to find answer when he could have  told me he would give me Lisa's voice mail like most companies. Heaters came in ahead of due date and are now installed,inspected and running also section 8 is happy and has released our rent on both apt. for last two months.I will be calling on you again and passing on your company name and staff   THANKS AGAIN,   Bob I. - Massachusetts 

OMG!!! This Crystal Cold is the most wonderful gift we have ever given ourselves.  Thank you for being there and providing the excellent service.  It was a bit of an ordeal getting the unit to the kitchen but when all was said and done she fired up perfectly and is in use already.  Thank you again and we will be contacting you soon to replace our stove.  Your operation is a blessing for us off-gridders. 
Have a beautiful day.  
Barbara and Ben 
Captain Cook, HI 

EZ Freeze EZ1060W propane refrigerator on a floating house Fontana Lake, Almond NC. Thanks to Rick G. for the pics!

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and say how pleased we are with your product.  It arrived via barge relatively undamaged.  With help from friends, we loaded it into our skiff, brought it across the Narrows to our beach, unloaded it with the tractor, and muscled it into the house.  We did sing praises to the rollers on the bottom!  

It's HUGE!  Wow.  The freezer really amazes and pleases me.  Our resident deer sense some danger and have stayed away from the house since we hooked it up...

It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks again.

Petersburg,  AK  99833 

I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for the our propane fridge and stove we had ordered from you. We ordered these 2 units for our cabin in British Columbia, Canada. After doing tons of research on line looking for the best deal. we came upon your website. We thought that after the cost of shipping and tax that it would not be worth it to purchase. We still saved well over 500.00 after all what said and done.It only took 3 weeks befor it was dropped off at my business. we have had our fridge and stove now for 2 years and have absolutely no problems...both fire up every time!!! I find myself again on your website today looking for more interesting things for our cabin!!!  So thank you again for the best service and awesome products!! hope someone makes those propane ice makers soon !! haha...Cheers     Shannon .U  BC, Canada 

Hi Ben,

After a few minutes of talking with Ira I was so pleased with the service it is unbelievable.  Just doesn't seem to be the norm these days.  It was like talking to a friend who was pleased to set me up with what I wanted and helped (assured) the best way of getting it to us.  I really enjoyed knowing Ira was familiar with Montana which is where our new EZ Freeze Refrigerator was going to end up after it's trip to Wisconsin.  It arrived at our door today in great shape.  I will be a return customer and will let others know to do the same.  

Ben's must be a great place to work.

Thank you,

Jack & Deb Somerset, WI  

Hi Ben;

     Just want to thank you for your quick response to my purchase through your supply service. I ordered a box of gas mantels and recieved them within a week. Unbelievable. Looking forward to doing more busines with you.


Hi Ben, Lisa and Ira,
We love the new SunDanzer freezer! We noticed the updated design and styling
differences from the previous freezer we purchased from you, and we like them!
Thank you for your kindness in extending a partial shipping refund to us. I
made the 55 miles to and from the closest town where the truck dropped the
freezer and made it back to the island (5 miles by boat) after 10 pm. We have
the freezer hooked up to our solar and already we are enjoying the extra
capacity and savings from not having to use propane appliances to store our
Thanks again and we wish you the best with the new radio advertising!
--- Marco and family

We Love Love Love Our Gas/Electric Fridge!!  Its fits so nice in our small kitchen and we love the space inside the fridge.  Big enough for 2 People. It Arrived in Excellent Shape when Shipped from CO. and Our Delivery Man Was Helpful!!  I give Ira AA+++ , Lisa AA+ and Ben AA++.  When you call them at Ben's Discount Supply They are Always Nice and Helpful To Answer All Our Questions!!     We Would Order From Them Again In The Future!!  Thanks!!

Our Best To You and Your Staff

Robert and Susan L.
Oak Hill, Ohio

Hey Guys, got my refrig this am and is now installed in my RV. Thanks for the fast attention to this order as my back was to the wall on this one. What a relief. Thank you ever so much. Lloyd 

hi ben our fridge arrived on april 10 in perfect condition  thank you and your staff for the great service          
many thanks, dan- bala ontario canada  
Hello, my name is Gary T. and I just received my freezer and wanted you to know how happy I am with it. The shipping was fast, and the freezer arrived without a scratch. The freight company was exemplary; calling 24 hours before delivery to confirm I would be there. As it turned out, the roads were posted, prohibiting truck traffic on my road, so I met the driver at an alternate location. He had no trouble waiting while I partly opened the box to check for damage (there was none).


I hooked up the freezer yesterday and within 5 hours it had cooled down to nearly 20 below zero F. I reset the thermostat to about 1 and a half and the temp stabilized at 0 degrees. I will transfer the contents of my 2 electric freezers tomorrow and shut them off. These gas freezers are truly unsung heroes. My unit is very well-made, and it has 2 separate cooling systems using a common burner which is easily accessible. It would be simple to convert this freezer to use an alcohol burner if necessary....anyway; thank you so much! I really appreciate the patience that Ben had with getting my stupid credit card to finally clear. You guys are awesome!



Gary T
Athens, ME

PS, I will be ordering another freezer and a refrigerator as soon as I can.

Ben, in April I ordered a refrigerator from you and it has worked like a charm, even better than I expected. I want to congratulate you on your excellent service, customer approach and the quality of the products you sell. You were very customer oriented and service minded when I dealt with you. Your prices are also very competitive. I got the refrigerator for almost half of what it would of costed locally.The delivery was prompt and painless even if it was way up in eastern Canada. I will definitely do business with you next time I require a propane appliances. You will only get positive publicity from me up here. Thx!  
Norman B. -Ottawa 

Hi Ben, sorry to take so long ( we got them in Feb) we installed them in June and boy are they fabulous. They worked great all summer even when the weather up here was mid 30's celcius. It just took a bit of adjustment to increase the temp when it was being opened so often. My family was so impressed with the 2 we bought (one for me and one for my son) that when they need one themselves I'm sure they will be ordering from you.

Again Ben, thanks for the assistance and guidance in making it happen, it was flawless getting them up here to Canada.

Ed, Cathy and Darrin

Ben, I want to thank you very much for all your help. My pick-up date is 8-29-2011. All I can say is you and your staff have been very helpful. When I called to ask questions and order I felt like I was talking to a friend I have known for years. It's very rare to find a company, especially when mail ordering, that has that personal touch you and your staff have. Keep it up, I think you already know it pays off. 
Thank you again, Rocky 

Hi Ben:

I write this email to express and at the same time compliment the excellent and efficient assistance I received from your representative Ira regarding a special part that I was trying to acquire on a Wood discontinued appliance.

Ira assisted me in what I would categorize" exceptional service" in locating the part for me. He is definitely  a great asset to your organization.


 Carlos P. 

Ben, I recieved the fridge and everything looks great thank you so much for all your help. I'll pass on your website hopefully I'll send some sales your way thanks again!! 
Gail - Whistler, BC Canada 

Hello Ben,

I picked up the refrigerator at the trucking dock on Friday 6/24.  I inspected it on the dock and everything was in good order.  I will install over the 4th of July weekend with my trip to the camp. 

Thank you for all your time and help.  I am looking forward to using the frig.  All your messaging and follow-up are greatly appreciated!


Thanks again!

Joe, Jeannette, PA

Fridge arrive just as Ben stated. The best customer service around. Ben personally answered all my questions before and after receiving our refrigerator. I will recommend Bensdicountsupply to all my friends and family. 
 Thanks Ben,
 Vincent L.  

Hi Ben,

I received the refrigerator on Thursday.  VERY HAPPY WITH IT.

*Very well packaged.

*Very nice looking. Very well built.

*In the past I returned 2 refrigerators because they would not cool below 40 degrees. (Franklin brand). I put a cup of water with a thermometer in it, The next morning the water was ice.

*My new refrigerator will complement my outdoor kitchen very nicely.

Thank You Ben,



Thank you so very much for giving us such a great price on this refrigerator and vent kit.

If you haven’t done so, take a few minutes to watch the video (link attached) and then take a minute to feel good about helping out our campers.


Once in a Lifetime (video link)

Best regards,


Hi Ben,

 Just wanted to say thank-you we are very happy with our new appliances, we haven't hooked them up yet still in the process. We will be sharing your web site with all of the people from the lake. Thanks again arrived perfect.  Coleen 3/28/11 

I ordered from Canada, my first non-ebay order from a website,  and I’m really pleased that it went better than expected. Ben was great to deal with, answered all my questions including the cross-border issues. So many worries at first, yet it was fun to watch the tracking as it came all the way to Nova Scotia. In a short time, it was here, undamaged and exactly as ordered. Importation was easy, and savings aside, you can’t get some of these items around here. Now it’s looking great, off the grid, in a kitchen overlooking the ocean.

Thank you, Ben, I wish all my purchases went so well.


Dave and Kathy

Nova Scotia, Canada  

Hi Ben,

Just wanted to let you know the fridge arrived on Tuesday, November 23, in perfect condition.

Tell the EZ Freeze people they did an awesome job on the packaging. The freezer was in a heavy cardboard box on a heavy wooden crate shipping base. They had 1/2 inch OSB boards attached to the wooden crate base that protected the fridge about halfway up on all four sides.

Thanks again!



Many, many thanks for all your help in getting this magnificent ice cream machine to us!  We have made a first batch and it did everything it promised – I just wish that it weighed less…  L  But we can’t wait to start experimenting with new and better flavors!

Happy upcoming Holidays!


Hey Ben,

 Bought a EZ1050 propane fridge from you in the spring.Sure enjoyed it this summer out at the lake. Worked like a charm made life alot more easier than storing food in coolers, freezer freezes ice quite fast also, so we weren't going and buying ice everyday, only issus I had was it took about 3-4 weeks to get it up to Calgary AB but that was a factory issue not yours. I was very impressed with you for suppling me with info on all the questions I had for you and how quick you would get back with trucking details etc. Once again it was a treat to deal with you Ben I will not hesitate to look you up if I'm shopping on line for anymore of your products.

    Bob & Dawn
Crossfield, Alberta,Canada       

Ben:  The door arrived today just as we were packing to head to Lake Tahoe from where I'm sending you this message.  I took the time to open the box and I can report that it looks fine and hopefully the right one.  I think it is, but I didn't have time to switch it out.
Thank you so much for going the extra mile.  A friend who has a lake cabin is looking for a propane fridge and will be visiting me in Sep to look at mine.  I have reccomended you highly and hopfully he will contact you at a later date.  If he contacts you, you will know where he heard about Ben's discount supply.  I have already given him your e-address. 
You can also use mine name as a satisfied customer.
Sheldon -Cromberg, CA 

We live off grid and needed to acquire the largest propane refrigerator at the lowest price possible, and that need led us to you online.  I sent you an email one evening, left my cell phone on, and you called at the opening bell the following morning.  No grass growing under your tootsies!


It took me a few days to fire up the fridge after it arrived, due to a combination of needed propane tank parts and a dandy monsoon rain that had me shoveling in a downpour for three straight hours one day.  But once things were ready, the burner fired right up according to the instructions.  There were two extremely minor defects in the outside metal sheathing on the freezer door, clearly factory defects, but nothing that would reduce or impair function.


Your prompt response every time I emailed you with a question was deeply reassuring.  We'll be recommending Ben's Discount Supply to anyone and everyone we can.


Fred Baker

Palominas, Arizona 

Hi Ben.

We received our new fridge and stove in Calgary last week and all was in perfect condition.

Loaded up both and took them out to our cabin at Suzanne Lake BC. Installed them and they are great.

As soon as our neighbors took a look and saw them as you know they have ordered the same package so I will be hauling another set out.

Thanks again and we will be in touch over the next few months to get the solar generator delivered to us.


Franco Falcone

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Suzanne Lake, BC. Canada 

Just a note to let you know we have the refrigerator and it is great!!! It has been nice doing business with you. A few of my friends have already been to your website checking out the wind generators. As soon as we get the fridge paid off we plan on contacting you about extending our solar system. Thanks again. John and Val Shawl, Prineville Oregon. 

Hi Ben


I am enjoying the new fridge and stove lots.  I can actually put a months worth of meat in the freezer and most of all I am very popular at Duncan lake as I now have ice cubes. We actually did get the piezo working with a few trials and errors.  However, so nice not to have to light the burners.  I will pass your name onto others when they need new appliances.  Everyone there at the moment uses the old servels.  Thanks again.  Eventually got the freight figured out.  Did take a while tho.

Merry Xmas and the Best to your Family


Cheers- Judy, Nelson, B.C.

Hello Ben,  here is a pic of the New Summit 20" beautiful stove installed in our 1996 Alpenlite fifth wheel.  Above and behind it is the new ceramic tile mural to set off the stove..
Thanks again for your help, I very happy you hooked us up with Summit, its much better quality than others I have seen... Hope the wind does not blow you away... Sincerely,,, Dennis,  Apache Junction AZ  

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the range. Picking it up in Ontario Ca, was a snap. You have great prices and we will be customers again.
Thanks Teresa W. 

Hi Ben, 
          I just wanted to thank you for the excellent on line buying experience. I had the fridge shipped to Blaine Wa. and picked it up on the way home to Vancover Island B.C. after a vacation in the U.S. The packaging and service recieved was as good as it gets. We hope to transport it to our cabin by boat this weekend. Thanks again.
Dave M

I was glad to see the units in my drive way so quickly and so easily. Your service was great and the broker here on the Canada side was also very easy to deal with. We did have 2 dents in the side of the range but they are very small and will be covered by the cupboards anyway so no big deal. I just want to say that we also ordered a washing machine from a large appliance store just 30 minutes drive from our new house about 4 days prior to my order with you. Your order made it too my house 2 days sooner than the washer did which leaves me wondering how something can get shipped 2000 miles and reach its destination 5 days quicker than something that is only 20 miles away.
Thanks again and I will be using your outlet again in the future.
Big Cedar, Ontario
Hello Ben..We meant to do this earlier..but we have been so busy with the renovation in our cottage. We would like to thank you for selling us a quality product..our Crystal Cold Refrigerator is awesome!!..and man does she ever get cold!! "e;Crystal Cold!!"e;. Your professionalism and the knowledge you have with propane Refrigerators made our decission much easier to purchase Crystal Cold..also with the help of your website giving us the specs about the us customize our custom cabinets allowing for the room of the cooling coil. Furthermore... you have made our first online shopping experience a pleasant one! 
Take Care Ben.
Robert and Diane 
Chelmsford, Ontario - Canada 
Ben just to let you know the fridges arrived to Winnipeg safely. We then transported them ourselves, first by half ton and then by boat, to our remote cabins in Northwestern Ontario. They are now placed and performing excellently. I just wanted to let you know and say thanks for all your help. The first ice cold Bud is for you!!!!

Hi Ben,
I just wanted to tell you that you are the BEST.  I started to bug you around a year ago regarding our off grid cabin.  We bought the range and refrigerator from you.  We are very pleased with you and your service, it is nice to be able to phone a person and speak about the products one wishes to order.  We will give you referrals.
Thanks Ben,
      I received it today, fully intact. Boy if everyone packed appliances like that, there would not be any bent and dent sales ha. Thanks again for the good service.
Vicksburg, MS 

Hi Ben
Just thought you might like to know everything arrived OK. Picked up product this morning at trucking depot... now on shipping container ready to go to Tonga.... whole process went very fast. I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Nice doing business with you.
Dear Sir:
At the end of January or the begining of February we ordered a propane fridge from your company.
We received the fridge and still have it in storage as there is still too much snow for me to get into my cabin before I can install it.
I uncrated the item half way.  The door and the two sides and the inside looked perfect.  I would like to thank you for crating the fridge so perfect that it was easy to inspect.  Thank you very much for the fast and efficient delivery.  We are truly impressed.
David and Renee
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Thanks Ben,

The freezer arrived today and is in perfect condition.  My plan is to install it in the bevanda (bar area) this weekend.  I really appreciate the excellent customer service!  Thanks again.

Bill L.
Virginia Beach, VA



The refrigerator arrived at the dock on April 8th and we picked it up on the 9th and took it to C. Oregon. It was packed great! The people at the dock was amazed on how well it was protected. We got it into the house and unpacked but have yet to fire it up. It is beautiful. Thank you for everything. You were a delight to deal with.
Vancouver, WA

Dear: Ben,

I just want to say, this place has products for low prices. I saved about 20 bucks compared to other companies, and the shipping from UPS, was very very fast! I mean I ordered a 50 pound compact refrigerator on  Nov. 1st and got it on Nov. 3rd.
Thanks for the great service all around!
Marquita    Detroit, MI

Dear Ben,  Thanks for the super fast shipment!  I ordered Monday and my dehumidifier arrived this morning.  Your prices are fantastic as well as your service - sometimes I think you sacrifice service for a great deal - definitely not the case here!  I will not hesitate to shop with you again and will recommend you to my family and friends.
Thanks for the great deal and service,
Sincerely,  Joan

My order was easily tracked on and delivered promptly.  A very satisfying encounter with your company.  Would not hesitate to use your web site again and will certainly recommend it to others.  Thanks.  Alan...Woodmere, New York

Hi Ben.  Feel free to add me to your testimony page!  Thank you for the
SWIFT service and shipping exactly what I expected, at a VERY reasonable
price!   (I had an absolutely horrible experience with another vendor!)
I will recommend you to others.

- Robin

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to let your customers know what wonderful service that you
have.  I ordered a ice maker from you.  It said free shipping, and I was
somewhat taken back, as you had very very good prices, if not the best. 
So, I thought, it will show up on my door step in about 1 to 2 weeks.  I
really wanted it, but I also was willing to wait.  Two days later, a
knock at my door before 9 in the morning, and the UPS guy says that he
has a heavy package, where do I want it?  I am totally surprised by
this.  I was going to email you in another couple of days asking when I
was going to get it.

You have the best selection, the best pricing, the best policies, the
best shipping.  I still am in awe.  You answer emails promptly and
courteously, and your customer service is supreme.  I definitely will be
shopping here again, and urge anybody else to give it a try, you
probably will be as happy as I am.

Best Regards

Phoenix, AZ

I received the unit and hope to install it this weekend.

THANK YOU for such an excellent deal.  You are the absolute best price on
the internet.  Thanks for the pleasant interaction and confirmation of my

I will order from you again when I need anything.


HI Ben, they are delivering my fridge tomorrow, thanks, I could not find one for that price out here on east coast. will be building log cabin in Vermont next year and with no electric power up there propane is the way to for now, thanks  again, John

Shipment was received yesterday and I am very impressed.
It was nice doing business with you all.
Thanks, God Bless, lets keep in touch

BEN! Hooray! You probably won't believe this, but, I finally made a
decision and just ordered a stainless steel one online!! Even though I
spent a little extra than I wanted to, the burden is off my shoulders,
which is sure worth it in this case!
I can't thank you enough for being so nice and courteous to me; especially
always returning my e-mails so quickly. After I get the fridge and our
deal's been done, I will definetely leave you some kind of positive comment
(let me know where!)!
(I'll bet you don't get such "e;nervous nellies"e; like me very often, do you?!
  hehe) Well, again, thank you very much. Since you've got these in stock
I oughta be seeing from you very soon!
Thanks! & Best Wishes!

 Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate that you care about your customers.  You were very nice, and helpful on the phone this morning. 
 Thanks again,

I appreciate your honesty and when I can work things out I will be ordering a machine from you.  Leo

FedEx got it here in great shape, and it works!
Nice little fridge/freezer - probably is/will-be
a popular unit.
Thanks for getting the order out so quick!

I just wanted to thank you for real customer service.  I had ordered the ice-maker, then we had decided later to not get it, and you were very good to us to cancel the order.   We will share your website with our boating friends and will use you in the future.  Thank you for your excellent customer service, that is unusual, these days.  Thanks again, Kay

Order received and running.  In 3 hours we have more than a complete basket full of ice!  Great product.  Great shipping (received 2 days after notice of being shipped).  I have to look and see what other products you offer!
 Thank you!  Jim

Thank you it arrived yesterday and I'm very happy with it and its performance.  Matthew

Thanks for the service.  Picked up the kegerator today.  Beer will be
flowing this weekend.

Hey Ben,
I received the ice maker Tues. That's one helluva
job. Thanks for the prompt service. I'll be recommending
you to friends and family. Thanks again, Denny,
Pittsburgh Pa.

Thank you for the prompt and wonderful telephone/email service.  I will recommend you to those I know.
thanks again....
 Jodi  Lincoln, NE

Dear Ben,
I just received my Sharp Convection Microwave today and couldn't be
happier.  It fits like a glove and the old trim kit was perfect.  It also
has so many more things that my old one did not and I can't wait to use it.
Thanks so much for your help and speedy service.
Have a Blessed Day,
Arleen J.

Ben, You have been a great help.  I appreciate the fact that you didn't just try to give me what I wanted to hear to sell the product, but directed me to the best source of information.  The lady at the Avanti service place was very helpful also.  She said the Dual Zone needs five inches all around except on the top.  It won't work for my needs.  I am really disappointed as I thought the two door idea was perfect for my application, being that my kids are young enough they don't like seeing us drink alcohol and wouldn't be exposed to it when they were getting out beverages.   Anyway, she suggested the 3200 as the best bet for what I want.  I really like the brown tint most wine cabinets have, but the 3200 is clear.  She said I could put tinting on the glass myself and it would actually keep the unit cooler, so that was good to know too.  I will talk to my husband about this when he gets home, which will be tomorrow night.  I think I will also try to get some other prices from you at that time too.  Sincerely, M. Richardson

Hi Ben,
I just wanted to let you know that my wine cooler make it all the way to Alaska with no problems!  I picked it up in Kenai, Alaska  from the freight forwarder (Span Alaska)after it traveled from Seattle to Anchorage and it was in excellant shape.  Thanks for working with me and shipping to me when other companys would not.  I will recommend you to all my friends and send more business your way.
Have a great day, and thank you again!
Brenda R.
Homer, Alaska

Just wanted to let you know that the ice maker arrived yesterday and is
already providing ice. If you ever need a referral I will be happy to
provide one. This was an excellent transaction from beginning to end.
Thanks very much. Regards.
Larry D.

Hello Ben: I would like to thank you for your excellent service for this purchase.  Because of your efficiency in shipping, the Sharp Microwave arrived at my home today!!  I really appreciate your extra effort for this purchase.  Terri F.

Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my ice maker and was very impressed with how fast you shipped it out, I had it 2 days later. You're going in my favorites column!!  Karen Q.

Just want to thank you for the great service and product we recieved from
your company. Not all e trade is this positive. The ice maker arrived in
perfect conditon right on time and is making ice. Agaiin we appreciate the
positive service and will use your company again when the need arises.
Mike and Sherisse H.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being the most courteous and responsive company I have ordered from this holiday season. I really appreciate the effort you put forth to let me know what was going on and being so prompt in answering my questions. The level of customer service is exemplary (which is very important). I will definitely order from you again!!!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Sincerely,   Mindy

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