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When's a good time to switch to Propane Appliances?

  • by Ben
  • 2 min read

Unless you are an avid outdoor person, you may not know how liberating having propane appliances can be. Liberating... interesting choice of words, it literally means to provide freedom. Well, that's what you get with propane appliances, freedom. Freedom to have hot meals, cold food storage, hot water, lighting and even power generation anywhere no matter how remote you may be, or even in the middle of the city. If you want freedom from the possibility of black out food spoilage, or the current grid uncertainty due to decaying and vulnerable utilities infrastructure . Propane is the only way to go. Here at BensDiscountSupply.Com we have seen the steady growing interest and desire of people switching to propane as a way to personally account for the food security and future well being of their family. With propane, the property owner stores propane in a tank which can vary in size and may require refilling every year or even after several years depending on size and regular use. This lends itself to be very practical for long term energy storage, a prepared person's dream. You are also able to shop for the best energy rates, something most on grid utility customers are unable to do. So when is the best time to switch to propane or equip your cabin or off grid shelter with propane appliances? In our opinion, As soon as your situation will allow. The cost of freeing yourself from Grid uncertainty and taking control of your utility needs is a bargain when you consider the competitive energy costs, plus extra rewards in the form of peace of mind, versatility of uses, and propanes availability far and wide. 

Whenever you are ready to make the switch, or upgrade your appliances we are here to answer all of your questions and help you achieve your own Grid independence.           

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