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Sunstar ST-16RFB 16 cu. ft. Low Voltage Solar DC Powered Refrigerator-Freezer in Black - OUT OF STOCK until further notice

Listed Prices are FOB Lagrange Indiana.   

FOB Kingman Arizona, add $110

Made in the USA

SunStar's largest upright refrigerator featuring 4 inch foam walls on all sides, boasting 2 compressors which means the top and lower compartment fully function apart from each other. There is no air exchange therefore no fresh food tasting ice cubes! The 2 compressor design also enables to operate in ambient temperatures down to mid 30 degrees without compromising the temperature in the freezer. Now featuring air circulation in the lower compartment to achieve the (No Warm Spots) design.The SunStar Solar Refrigerator comes equipped with a built in automatic 12V/24V current switch to allow for operations for almost any battery, location, or situation.

SunStar Solar refrigerators are designed with consumer and commercial use in mind.

The philosophy behind this product is efficiency, durability, quality, and value.


    • 4" insulated walls
    • Top - Refrigerate or Freeze, Bottom - Refrigerate
    • Defrost: Top-Manual, Bottom-Automatic
    • Each compartment has its own compressor
    • Air cooled compressor for fast cool-down
    • Front roller adjustable leveling legs
    • Even temperature design, no warm spots
    • Interior lights in both compartments
    • Fast cooling system
    • Reversible door


    • Total Volume: 454 Liters / 16 cu ft - Top 4.8 cu ft / Bottom 11.2 cu ft
    • Cooling System: Direct Cooling
    • Temperature Control: Mechanism
    • Rated Operating Voltage: 12V 9.6 -17V / 24V 21.3 - 31.5V
    • Fuse Rating (A): 30 / 15 Amp 12/24 VDC
    • Typical Power Draw: 40 Watt - 110 Watt
    • Refrigeration Agent: R134A
    • Blowing Agent: Polyurethane
    • Product Dimensions: W 31" x H 68" x D 33.25"
    • Carton Dimensions: W 32" x H 75" x D 36"
    • Product Weight: 238 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 295 lbs
    • Performance Warranty: 2 Yrs

Energy Consumption Guide (Based on 24 Hr Time Period) @ 12VDC with No Door Openings

Room Temp (Below)

Upper Compartment 38° F

Upper Compartment 0° F Lower Compartment 38° F
70° F (21° C) 74 WHR 260 WHR 155 WHR
90° F (32° C) 167 WHR 433 WHR 295 WHR


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