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Sun-Mar 200

Sun-Mar 200 - 50 Gallon Garden Composter

Drum Volume: 195 Liters (approx: 6 bushel or 50 gallon)
Height: 31"
Depth: 24"
Overall Length: 33.5"
Product weight: 38 lbs

Included with the SUN-MAR 200:

Optional Rollers -The unit has optional rollers, which can be snapped into the cradle base to make it easier to move the unit when it is on a hard surface.

Sample Compost Swift -The 200 has a sample bottle of Compost Swift which you can use diluted by 8 to 1 to help get your composter going.If you like it, there is a large 32 oz bottle available.

Spare Parts - You are unlikely to need them but we are including 2 spare vent plugs and one spare drum cap in case you break one.

The Sun-Mar 200 is excellent for composting kitchen scraps and some cut up garden trimmings.

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