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Summit 30" Wide 5-Burner Natural Gas Cooktop (Stainless Steel) GCJ5SS


Summit 30" Wide 5-Burner Natural Gas Cooktop (Stainless Steel)

Made in Italy

Pre-set for use with Natural Gas; LP Conversion Kit included

    • Electronic ignition: Gas spark ignition for automatic lighting of burners
    • Pre-installed 115V 3-pronged power cord
    • Fits Standard 24" Cut Outs: Cutout size: 22" W x 18.88" D
    • Continuous grates in heavy duty cast iron hold up to large cookware
    • Sealed burners: Quality burners by Defendi with cast iron caps ensure lasting durability and easier cleanup
    • Ultra-Rapid Burner: Left-side burner offers 12,700 BTU for quick heating of larger pots and pans
    • Rapid burner: Top-Center burner offers 10,000 BTU for cooking larger dishes
    • Semi-Rapid Burners: Two right side burners produce 6,000 BTU to accommodate most cooking needs
    • Auxiliary Burner: Bottom-Center 3,400 BTU burner allows for precision in heating or cooking dishes that require low heat
    • Heavy duty brass and aluminum knobs in a round design and steel finish
    • Controls placed at front for added ease and safety, preventing users from reaching over hot burners to adjust the temperature
    • Push-to-turn knobs: Safety feature requires you to turn the knob to the "full-on" position before pushing down, waiting for the ignition, and adjusting to your preferred heating level
    • Automatically turns off gas after 12 seconds when flame is extinguished
    • 304 grade stainless steel surface


    H 2.88” x W 29.5” x D 20”

    US CSA Certified

    Shipping Weight 35#

    1 Year Parts Warranty

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