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Summit 24" Wide 4-Burner Gas Cooktop with Battery Ignition, Brushed Chrome Model ZNL03P

Summit Appliance offers a wide selection of American-made household cooktops built for long-lasting durability, with non-electrical options ideal for off-grid and remote kitchens without traditional power access.

 The ZNL03P is a 24" wide gas cooktop designed to fit common 22 5/8" wide x 18 5/8" deep cutouts. It features a brushed chrome finish, with a recessed design that helps to contain spills. Side-located push-to-turn knobs offer easy and safe use.

 Four open 9000 BTU burners include built-in enamel grates. It utilizes battery start ignition with a standard 9V battery (included) to allow the cooktop to function in homes not using electricity.

 Set for natural gas but can be converted to propane with the purchase of the Kit LP accessory.

Dimensions: 3.75" H x 24.0" W x 20.0" D

Weight: 27lbs

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