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Off-Grid Solar Kit 6000W 48VDC 120V/240V LifePO4 10.48KWH Server Rack Lithium Battery 8 X 370 Watts Solar Panels SGR-6KL48S - Free Shipping!


详情01.jpg__PID:7b2cd5fc-f5c9-4b43-9ae5-94d9866bef43Off Grid Solar Kit 6000W 48VDC 120V/240V LifePO4 10.24KWH Lithium Battery 8 X 370 Watt Solar Panels Our off grid solar system kit contains nearly everything you need to bring 2.96KW of off-grid solar power and storage to mid-sized off-grid homes or remote cabins. With 10.24KWH Lithium battery type and solar panel mounting, and you're on your way ! this system includes a 6000W 48V split phase Inverter/Charger UL1741, which power the most of 120v and 240v home appliance, auto generator start, you will get the clean, quiet and amazing off grid power !


  • 1 X 6000 Watt 48V DC 120V/240V AC Output
  • 8 X 370 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • 2 X 100AH 51.2V PowerWall Lithium Battery
  • 1 X 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • 1 Sets X 10AWG, Solar Extension Cables-Inverter PV input
  • 1 Sets Solar Cables Between Solar Panel and MPPT Controller
  • 8 X Sets of Mounting Z-Brackets 



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