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800 Watt Complete Solar Kit with LiFePO4 Battery - Free Shipping!

Our 800W 12V complete kit comes with all the products and components you need to start harnessing, storing and using the energy of the sun. This kit includes 4 high efficiency 200W Monocrystalline panel with 9 busbars, 60A MPPT controller, 2000W 12V inverter and a 200 AH 12V Lithium battery. Install this on your RV or tiny home and start your solar adventure today!

The 800 Watt Complete Kit Includes:

4x 200W 12V Panels (RS-M200)
4x Z Brackets (RS-ZB4C)
1x 60A MPPT Charge Controller (RS-MPPT60)
1x 200AH 12V Lithium Battery (RS-B12200)
1x 2000W 12V Inverter (RS-V2000)
1x 30’ 10AWG Solar Cable Set (Panel to Controller) (RS-30101)
1x 15A MC4 Inline Fuse (RS-SC15F)
1x 10’ 4 AWG Battery Cable Set

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