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Sungold Power 6500W 48V Solar Charge Inverter Parallel + WIFI Monitor UL1741 Standard - Free Shipping!

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  • ★ Solar Inverter: 6.5KW DC 48V pure sine wave AC output 120V, Built-in MPPT solar charger max 120A and utility battery charger max 120A, Max PV input 390V (VOC), Dual PV input. UL 1741 Standard Listed by TUV / CSA / FCC. 

  • ★ Parallel Kit: parallel support up to 6 units, 120V single phase
    (1 unit),120V/240V Split Phase capable (2 unit parallel), 208V 3-Phase Support
    (3 unit parallel)

  • ★ WIFI Model : Built-in WIFI transmitter, Enable inverter data to be transmitted via WIFI to user's iPhone or android smartphone, app can be downloaded from apple or android store

  •  Batteryless support: the inverter can power the loads from PV array / ac grid without battery connected

  •  LCD operation: Detachable LCD control module with multiple communication ports for BMS (RS485, CAN-BUS, RS232)


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