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Sungold Power 5.12KWH Powerwall LiFePO4 Lithium Battery 48v 100Ah SG48100M - Free Shipping!

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  • Features: The 51.2V 100AH LFP Battery is compact, well-designed, and has an LCD display. All cables/accessories are included ready for installation. ≥7000 cycles deep cycle & 10 years warranty, designed for up to 15-year life.

  • Intelligent BMS: Battery Management System can manage and monitor cell information including voltage, current and temperature. Protects from overcharge, deep discharge, overloading, overheating and short circuit to help extend lifetime.

  • Flexible: Modular design is easy to expand. Max 16 units in parallel capacity of 81.9kwh, suitable for residential and commercial applications and other energy storage systems for increasing the self-consumption ratio.

  • Compatible: CAN/RS485/RS232 Communication Protocol Lithium Ion Battery can be compatible with most inverters in the market such as Growatt, Deye, SunGoldPower, Luxpower, Victron energy, Schneider, Phocos, SMK etc.


    The SG48100M Lithium Battery is built for energy storage systems. lt provides a well-designed and high-performance standard battery pack. The battery is compact, easy to install, free of maintenance and can be installed in parallel in the energy storage system to increase its capacity. lt is widely used in home applications, small commercial and industrial energy storage systems.

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