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Summit 24" Wide 4-Burner Natural Gas Cooktop (Brushed Chrome) ZTL033S

Summit 24" Wide 4-Burner Gas Cooktop

 Made in the USA

Designed and constructed domestically

Pre-set for use with Natural Gas;To convert for propane use, add Kit LP S2


  • Electronic ignition: Gas spark ignition for automatic lighting of burners
  • Pre-installed 115V 3-pronged power cord
  • Fits common cut outs: Designed for 22 5/8" W x 18 5/8" D cutouts for an easy fit in smaller kitchens
  • Two sets of continuous grates in heavy duty cast iron hold up to large cookware
  • Power burner: Front left burner features 12,000 BTU output for powerful cooking
  • Simmer Burner: Rear burner on right side reaches maximum of 5,000 BTUs to allow more precise heating of sensitive items
  • 2 Standard Burners: Front right and rear left burners offer 9100 BTUs of cooking power
  • Recessed top: Curved design helps to contain spills on the surface for easier cleanup
  • Push-to-turn knobs: To prevent accidents, knobs require a small amount of force when turning
  • Removable burner caps for easy cleaning
  • Brushed Chrome Surface: Striking look with easy cleanability


H 4” x W 24” x D 20”

US CSA Certified

Shipping Weight 29#

1 Year Parts Warranty

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