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New Unique UGP - 3 Three way (Propane, 12V DC, 110V AC) Powered Refrigerator Freezer Introduction

  • by Ben
  • 1 min read

This little fridge-freezer is compact and portable! It is designed and built to last in Canada, where they know how to keep things cool. It runs on propane, 12V DC, and even 110V AC! WOW right? This fridge is perfect for camping, going fishing, off grid cabins, tiny houses, bat caves, fortresses of solitude, as well as on the boat, or simply as a back up refrigerator for your preparedness plans in case of prolonged power outages. With its expected long service life, this fridge ends up costing only a couple of dollars per month for years of happy service. Get one for your family today! We also have financing options available. Give a call for details at 1-800-771-7702. 

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